Why Did the Fireman...

Episode Name/Number:  Why Did the Fireman... (Episode 5.18)

Original Air Date:  February 4, 1980 

Summary:  Laverne meets and falls madly in love with Randy the fireman. After two months of dating, he is getting ready to propose to Laverne, but dies in a fire that very night.

Guest Stars:  Ted Danson as Randy the Fireman
Best Quote:  "Fire, fire, fire! Someone get a net! Here come the firemen to get the fire wet!" -Lenny and Squiggy
Most Touching Moment/Quote:  Randy telling Laverne all the things about her that he likes after their first date, and why he thinks she’s so special.
Funniest Moment:  Carmine swearing to Randy that Shirley won’t say a word to Laverne about his upcoming plan to propose - followed immediately by Laverne’s shrieks after clearly being told the news by Shirley.
Squiggy Hello:  "There was something you wanted to tell me?" -Laverne  "Yes, now that we are finally alone..." -Randy  "Hello!" -Squiggy
Featured Songs:  Shirley singing "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking," to describe her thoughts about Randy
Strangest Moment:  Shirley’s "
I Must Increase My Bust" exercises - hilarious.

Best Insult:  "Laverne, you are a yellow-bellied, sap-sucking, lily-livered coward and I DARE you to go down that pole." -Shirley
Saddest Moment:  Ummm, hello - the entire plot of this episode is gut-wrenching, possibly more so than any other Laverne & Shirley episode. The saddest moment though has to be Frank’s talk with Laverne on her bed, and her ultimate acceptance of Randy’s death.
Fun Tidbit: Randy's twelve-year-old brother works as a paper boy.

Episode in One Ridiculous Picture:

Star Rating:  3/5
Verdict:  This is arguably the most emotional, most serious episode of Laverne & Shirley. The tone comes as a bit of a shock to those who are used to the show’s typical lighter content, and it feels a bit awkward and confusing at times... but nonetheless, Penny Marshall’s performance here is truly exceptional.

Shirley Feeney in 'The Bachelor Party'

Cindy Williams on Laverne and Shirley.
Cindy Williams on Laverne and Shirley.